Paint Spray Booth: ME – PB Eco & ME – PB Eco Plus

Economy way to Paint


  • The cabin is built with in-house made glued sandwich panels filled with White polystyrene foam as insulation material.
  • The solidity of the glue connections and the compression resistance, insures high grade and stable panel.
  • The powder coated sheet metal givesa very high quality and resistant finish on the sides of the panel.
  • Due to our specific sandwich panel construction, there are no Thermo transfers between inside and outside of the booth.


  • Standard supply of Paint Booth with 10 ceiling light boxes each with 3x36 Watts.
  • Cool white light Neon tube.
  • Electronic ballast as standard for energy saving.
  • Ceiling light box corner also with inclination angle to allow more light reflects.

Plenum & Filtering:

  • Air plenum feature first pre-filter class EU3 in Thermic group.
  • Fine filter in ceiling class EU5.
  • Air plenum built with our special design air deflector to allow more smooth and even distribution of air stream and avoid turbulences.
  • Standard air plenum is single galvanized sheet.


  • Standard supply with metal base 300mm height.
  • Two row K700 capacity galvanized grids floor
  • Three row of reinforced checkered plates.
  • Paint stop floor filter EU2 with filter frame.
  • The whole flooring will be supported by transverse and longitudinal floor profiles.

Air Handling Units (Thermic Unit / Extraction Unit):

  • Standard Paint Booth includes the Thermic unit but with option of extraction unit.
  • Thermic unit with stainless steel heat exchanger unit and 1x5.5 kw motor and 18" centrifugal fan (ME-PB 700 Eco & ME-PB 700 Eco Plus)
  • Damper controller make Belimo
  • Diesel oil burner make Riello as standard.
  • All the panels for the air handling units with easy removable door for the exchange of pre -filter.
  • 7.5kw motor with 18" twin fan (ME-PB 700 Plus & ME-PB 700).
  • Extraction unit, standard will be 1x5.5 kw motor and 1x18" fan, with manual adjustable damper (ME-PB 700 Eco Plus)
  • Extraction unit, standard will be 1x7.5 kw motor and 1x18" fan, with manual adjustable damper (ME-PB 700 Plus)
  • Full function control panel, standard with CE approval electric components.

All our control box with:

  1. Thermostat 0-110°C
  2. Electric wiring cable
  3. Fan motor start / stop
  4. Burner start / stop
  5. Emergency stop
  6. Digital temperature setting
  7. Timer adjustment
  8. Operating hour counter:



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